Unleash Your Creative Potential with National Reflections PTA program!

Started in 1969 by the Colorado PTA President Mary Lou Anderson, Reflections has encouraged millions of students to express themselves by giving positive recognition for their artistic efforts. 

The theme for this year (2019-20) was “Look Within”. We had an amazing turnover this year. Students submitted many amazing entries from different categories.  
  • Dance choreography  
  • Photography
  • Literature
  • Musical Composition
  • Film production
  • Visual Arts
Eleven best entries from our school were advanced to the Frisco ISD Council. 
The names of the participants along with the division and award category is mentioned below.
Honorable Mention 
Visual Arts
Tiana Malik - Kinder
Natalie Akin - First
Arjun Manikandan - First
Eric Yan - Second
Sai Shruti Saravana Perumal - Third
Zach Akin - Third
Cheyenne Richards - Fourth
Ria Mehta - Fourth
Anika Reddy - Fourth
Shagun Bansal - Fifth
Saiharini Saravana Perumal -  Fifth
Award of Merit
Visual Arts
Sashlyn Joshua - Kinder
Ziyan Razeem - Second
Daniel John Varghese - Second
Arjun Reddy - Second
Pradhyum Addaypally - Third
Sachin Ashok - Third
Amaira Gupta - Fourth
Neha Manikandan - Fourth
Nandita Sriram - Fourth
Srivitha Katamneni - Fifth
Anudeepti Ashok - Fifth
Tanishi Varma - Fifth
Daniel John Varghese - Second
Yaswanth Mallu -  Fourth
Kensey Tandberg - Fourth
Award of Excellence 
Visual Arts
Joshua Isaiah Varghese - Kinder
Tanishi Sinha - Second
Samarth Saurabh - Third
Pranav Venkatraman - Fourth
Anudeepti Ashok - Fifth
Joshua Isaiah Varghese - Kinder
Ayush Nanda - Fifth
Amiya Zemedie - First
Sachin Ashok - Third
Music Composition
Vaibhav Vijayaraghavan - Fifth
Congratulations to all the participants & winners!!

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